The Gold and Diamond Buyers Story

In 2000 our Jewelers opened their doors in a shop situated directly above Farmer’s Insurance on Flamingo Rd. Located on the western side of a Las Vegas, NV. Since then and many happy clients later we are still servicing Las Vegas today. Founded by our master bench Jeweler Arsen and his brother and master stone setter Armen, the motivated team forged their dream business from a $700 start up to become one of the cities leading smaller family owned and operated jewelers. Now with over 30 combined years of experience, with hands on jewelry repairs, stone setting, jewelry manufacturing, casting and jewelry design. Also Gold and Diamond Buyers are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau of Accreditation.

Street View

We are committed to providing the “best in the business” perspective of buying or selling a wide range of precious metals. This includes almost anything made of Gold, Platinum or Silver. The Gold and Diamond Buyers also purchase many makes of articles such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, watches and much more. Upon your visit we will evaluate the article by design, weight and metal. Designer Pieces, and diamonds small and larger in size, this includes everything from scrap or broken jewelry, Coin or rolls of , bullion in large amounts, estate piece collections, and so much more. So please if you have any questions don’t hesitate just call or stop in today for a quote!!